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About ICSA:
The Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’ Association (ICSA) operates as a membership association,
representing the interests of cattle and sheep farmers across Ireland. ICSA is acknowledged as a
representative body for farmers both in Dublin and at the Brussels level. The association is wholly
dedicated to advocating for the rights and welfare of its members and ensuring the prosperity of the
Irish agricultural sector.
Position Overview:
ICSA seeks a dynamic and experienced individual with a good understanding of the agriculture sector
to undertake the role of General Secretary. The General Secretary will be tasked with leading the
organisation, implementing its strategic vision, and advocating for the interests of Irish cattle and
sheep farmers at local, national, and international levels.
Key Responsibilities and Duties:
Strategic Leadership: Overseeing day-to-day operations and providing strategic direction and
leadership to the organisation in alignment with its mission and objectives.
Financial Management: Supervising the organisation’s budget and financial resources, ensuring
responsible stewardship and accountability in accordance with legal and regulatory
Compliance and Governance: Ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations and
overseeing governance structures to maintain transparency and accountability within the
Policy Development: Leading the development of ICSA's policy positions on all issues affecting
cattle and sheep farming.
Representation and Lobbying: Representing the organisation's interests in negotiations with
government departments, state agencies, industry stakeholders, and other relevant bodies.
Membership Engagement: Cultivating strong relationships with ICSA members, ensuring their
voices are heard and their concerns addressed through effective communication channels and
member engagement initiatives.
Communication and Media Relations: Formulating and implementing communication strategies
to enhance ICSA's visibility and influence, including media outreach, public relations campaigns,
and digital communications.

Key Skills and Competencies:

Educational Background: A 3rd-level qualification in a relevant discipline.
Experience: Experience in a leadership role, preferably within the agricultural sector,
demonstrating a proven track record in strategic planning, organisational management, and
financial administration.
Knowledge of Agricultural Policy: A deep understanding of agricultural policy, regulations, and
issues affecting the cattle and sheep farming industry in Ireland.
Political Acumen: Ideally, an in-depth knowledge of the political landscape with the ability to
navigate governmental processes and procedures to effectively secure support for the
association's initiatives.
Communication and Advocacy Skills: Strong communication skills, both written and verbal. The
ability to communicate complex agricultural issues to various stakeholders, including members,
government officials, media, and the public, is essential.
Networking Abilities: Proficient in building and maintaining relationships with various
stakeholders (internal and external) including farmers, industry representatives, government
officials, and other organisations within the agricultural sector.
Passion for Agriculture: A genuine passion for agriculture and a commitment to improving the
livelihoods of cattle and sheep farmers.

Application Process:
Interested candidates are invited to submit a detailed CV along with a cover letter to
[email protected]. The closing date for applications is Friday 12 April, 2024. Only shortlisted
candidates will be contacted. ICSA is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity and
inclusion in the workplace. For enquiries, please call ICSA on 057 8662120.

997 29 Mar 2024

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